Girls’ cumming into a glass

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There are some girls that cum so hard that they actually squirt fluids which are surprisingly enough called squirting. The female ejaculation is not something that happens with every girl and can often be mistaken for pissing. When a sex bitch on the porn movie starts to make herself squirt then some movie directors will get them to squirt into a cup and then get someone to drink the juices. This does not happen in every squirt movie because often the girls are just pissing so the other actors won’t drink her piss. Not only does it taste terrible but woman’s juices and their piss taste nothing alike.

Girls’ cumming is also the title of several series of films that show the female ejaculation happening in great style. These girls are cumming so hard that their juice flies right across the other side of the room and sometimes even gets the cameraman and camera by mistake. That would be a very costly cum session for whoever owns the camera however normally to make these shots they will put a glass cover over the lenses so that only the fake glass lenses gets wet.

Since the girls are cumming everywhere it is only natural for the guys in the films to cum over them too. This is the usual ending to any good porn that starts out with a blowjob, then moves to fingering and oral sex followed by fucking and then finally anal. The cum shots are the best with the female squirters because the take their fuck buddies completely by surprise. All in all these porn movies that have female ejaculators in them are relatively good to watch. Find a good short compellation scene to get a feel of just what happens because you are unlikely to ever run into one of these girls as a quick root.

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Dark-haired female experiencing multiple squirts

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Enjoy an amazing dark-haired tattooed female being fucked by a stud and experiencing multiple squirting orgasms. [inline] [/inline]
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Girls Cumming Photos

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A photoset of women experiencing the greatest pleasure while fucking like whores and squirting all their love juices from highly-sexed pussies.
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