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When girls reach orgasm, a clear fluid sometimes squirt out of their vagina. As women become sexually aroused, the vaginal epithelium which is the tissue lining her vagina (vagina walls) begins to swell and produce a slippery fluid through the several small ducts that are buried in the lining. This secretion appears right inside the vagina, and as the build up to arousal intensifies, the secretion will run out of the opening. In addition, the labia minora that are the entrance to the vagina have vestibular glands that produce mucus which aids in lubrication resulting in Girls Cumming.

girls cumming

This fluid released from the vagina lining makes it and the vulva to be more comfortable and thus it eases both penile-vaginal insertion and sperm movement up the vaginal canal thereby increases the likelihood of impregnation. Under perfect conditions, a young highly aroused woman will lubricate profusely. Girls Cumming is not like men because theirs comes bit by bit. The discharge is white but if there is an infection, it will appear yellowish or may smell bad and if it is normal, it will smell like soap. If it is colorless then it is not “cum” but rather a normal discharge from the vagina.

girls cumming

Girls Cumming is a slang word that means orgasm in girls, and an orgasm is achieved when one has received enough pleasurable stimulation in the genital (but not always the genital). The easiest way for most women to cum is to receive an oral sex from her partner. This is so because of the softness of the man’s tongue in the private region of a woman. It can be hard for women to cum, it can literally feel your whole body when you feel it coming, so relax and do what you were doing when you feel it coming. The notion that girls do not come is a lie, it is only that they do not cum every time they have intercourse unless you know how.

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